Optional Printables for Exploring Creation with General Science

Exploring Creation With General Science, edition oneI have made 3 printable additions on this page, one is a study aid and the other two are diagrams. The first one is Scientists Notes a study aid that is meant to be used with Module One. The next two printables are diagrams. One is a skeleton (module 11) and the other one is the digestive system (module 13).

See: Lab Book & Grades for lab forms

scientist notes, a study aid for Exploring Creation with General ScienceScientists Notes - A Study Aid for Module One


This printable file lists 34 scientists that are mentined in module one of Exploring Creation with General Science. Most include a photograph of the scientists and several lines. If you decide to use this, your student should make notes about each of the scientists as they are mentioned in the book.

The file is available in both PDF and DOC. The DOC format is in a compressed file [zip].

PDFScientists Notes PDF
ZIPScientists Notes Doc file is inside this zipped file.


Optional Worksheets

Module 11

11.2 Skeleton

Skeleton without Lines at: Science Art

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