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Lab and Apologia's Physical Science

This page is a draft.

I recently visited and came across these two questions in their FAQs.

    questionsTwo Questions
  1. Do I have to do the lab experiments?
  2. What should the lab write-ups look like?

The questions are answered in the FAQs at: Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the answers that Dr. Wile writes.

Lab Experiments: Speaking for us, we did the experiments in the physical science book and I required a write-up for most of the experiments.

Lab Write-up: Compare Dr. Wile's lab write-up sample to the first experiment. You can see that the following parts are included:

  1. The Experiment #
  2. Data
  3. Summary

Then read Dr. Wile's instructions for experiments under Student Notes > Experiments. You should find his instructions in the front of your book and they are also in the front part of the Solutions and Tests book.

From this you should gather that:

  1. Student reads through the entire experiment.
  2. Starts a new page in the lab notebook.
  3. Records the data on the new page in the notebook.
  4. After the experiment is finished, writes the summary on the next page in the notebook.

Another frequently asked question is: How do I grade the lab write-up? That one is not as puzzling as you might think. Basically, evaluate based on what is supposed to be in the lab write-up. The only way to do this fairly is to inform your student(s) (at the beginning of the year) what sorts of data and parts should or could be included in the lab reports. Then evaluate the different parts based on criteria that you've already decided upon. I'm making it sound difficult and I am sorry about that.

Of course the next question is usually this: What should go into a lab report? and while there are basic things that go in every lab report, some can vary in the form that the "data" takes. For instance, some lab reports will have charts and/or diagrams while others will not.

Some If's and Then's

  • If your students have not written a lab report before, then you will have to teach them how to do it. Do not grade their lab reports until they understand how to do the lab reports.

  • If your students used Exploring Creation with General Science last year, then they should know how to write the lab report, however, this year, the lab reports should be graded on a higher level.

  • If confused then read [or read again] Dr. Wile's suggestions for experiments in the front of his science books.

Further Thoughts Regarding the Lab Write-up

What is the purpose of the lab write-up, and not just any lab write-up, but the write-ups for this 8th grade class?

Before deciding to require anything beyond Dr. Wile's suggestions, you need to answer the question that I asked above. Dr. Wile has provided one sample write-up for this book. I suggest that you read the first experiment in Exploring Creation with Physical Science and read his sample write-up.


My Older The Lab Sheets

See my newest lab forms at Exploring Creation with Physical Science.

Lab sheets for: Apologia's Physical Science

Pre-2007 2007
Page one: Basic Lab Sheet Page two: Lab Summary sheet

Drawing Sheet ~this one has only the header

Drawing and Describing sheet ~has lines 
for writing on the lower third part of the paper

 Lab Chart with ruled lines Compare 6 items 
such as in experiment 1.3

Weather Chart 1
Designed to collect data for modules 7 and 8. Collect weather data for 14 days.

Weather Chart 2
 Similar to chart above except this one has more space. Collect data for 7 days.

All of these have two pages.
First page add the materials list, purpose, and the data. Write summary on the second page.

All Ruled
Basic 2-Page Lab ruled lines

Blank Data
2-Page Lab with blank space in Data

Chart Data
2-Page Lab with chart space in Data

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My Yellow Science Planner

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Donna Young's excellent science planner
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