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Flip-Through Lifepacs Elective Art Unit 4

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301667: Art Lifepac 4: Perspective

Art Lifepac 4: Perspective
By Alpha Omega Publications

Lifepac Art Unit 4 covers perspective, including linear perspective; one-and-two point perspective; grids; finding the center; shading and more. 44 pages with glossary and evaluation; magazine style binding.

unit 4 aop art
Lifepacs Elective Art Unit 4
is published by Alpha Omega Publishers and it is a unit in the 10-unit Elective Art package. Each unit can be purchased separately or as a set. Unit four is an introductory linear perspective course. The book is for grades 7-12. Topics include: one-point perspective, identifying perspective, two-point perspective, using grids in perspective, pole-method of equal division of space, finding the center, shading, and cast shadows.

Quick Flip-Through of the Book

An unreadable look through the book.

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