Linear Perspective

The pictures below are a tiny sampling of what you can do with perspective drawing. This is an elementary introduction and if you find that you want to learn more about perspective then I urge you to seek a book that teaches it in detail.

To do this linear/technical perspective you will need:

  1. large drawing surface
  2. paper and drafting tape (to tape the paper to the drawing surface)
  3. 18" straight edge, a yard stick might do as long as it is straight
  4. pencils, erasers
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That is all for this introduction to perspective. Study the drawings and try to draw using perspective.

Perspective books:
I have all of the books linked below and my ungiven opinion varies on each of the books.
(Links last checked August 2, 2011)

Elementary: Lessons in Perspective Drawing published by Rod and Staff
Links: Lessons in Perspective Drawing

7th - High School: Lifepacs Elective Art Unit 4 (You do not need the teacher's book for this one course, in my opinion)

Advanced: The Art of Teaching Art by D. Rockman. Heads-up- This is an art book, so of course there are nudes in it and a few deserve to be covered. This can be accomplished with small post-it notes. Covering the nudes does not hamper the quality of the book. You may preview the book at and at This book is useful for teaching upper level art classes.
Also check your library and the internet for resources.

Perspective for those who want to draw comics - Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics from the Ground Up

Wikipedia page on graphical perspective:

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