Toc Planner


This is a TOC Planner. The image shows a draft copy with my notes. A TOC Planner has the table of contents in tables so the person making lesson plans can write notes for each part of the book. That … [Read more...]

Math Papers

number line paper

The Math menu is a little altered to make room for more content. I have added a new section called, "Paper." In paper you will find the: Daily Lesson Paper [revised] Number Line Papers … [Read more...]

Game Cards

game cards

From Game Cards you can print various sized blank cards and decorative card backs. Most are files are pdf, but many are also in doc format. … [Read more...]

Game Boards

Game board templates

Game board templates can be printed from Game Boards. Most are pdf files, one is also a doc file and 3 of the game boards includes the original images. … [Read more...]

Bingo Games

bingo game

Today I added my bingo game and prepositional bingo game that was previously only on the site-cd. I also added a new preposition bingo game as well as three other bingo games. The new games are … [Read more...]

Color Names


Art at The worksheets on the web page, Color Names, are all about color words or names. The page is located in the art section at I am posting this update so that the … [Read more...]

More in Math


I made a new set of shapes worksheets last week. They do not fit into any category that I have at Math at this time, so the only link to them will be on the front page of Math until I sort out how to … [Read more...]

Handwriting Fonts


Several times a year, I am asked font related questions. Today, I decided to post information on six different handwriting fonts. The pages are located in the penmanship section of and … [Read more...]