TOC Planner V2

toc planner

This is my second TOC Planner layout for the elementary or pre-junior high books that are published by Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc and authored by Jeannie Fulbright. I had previously made the layout as shown in the TOC Planner article but I had doubts that the first layout would work well for this particular curriculum. I was not sure if the second layout idea was a good one either, so I bought one of Fulbright’s books …

Toc Planner


This is a TOC Planner. The image shows a draft copy with my notes. A TOC Planner has the table of contents in tables so the person making lesson plans […]

Nature Journal

Nature Journal

What started out to be just a file renaming job became an adding content job. I don’t know why I don’t stop myself during times like this. Heads-Up: Over the […]