Basil Pesto


Pesto keeps for about a week in the refrigerator. If you grow basil plants, you may make pesto sauce to put away in the freezer. Basil Basil can be harvested several times in the summer starting … [Read more...]

Guidelines for Good Writing


Don't use no double negatives. Verbs has to agree with their subjects. Being bad grammar, the writer will not use dangling participles. Try to never split an infinitive. When one word is … [Read more...]

Spaghetti Noodles Say Hi

noodles say Hi

I cook spaghetti for my family at least once a week. I use gluten free noodles and some sort of spaghetti sauce in a jar. Many times I add things to the sauce, like, ground beef, or meatballs or extra … [Read more...]

Granola 2010


It's back to the university for my son. His schedule is so tight, that for lunch he gets to walk from one building to another one while eating. He has to do that in under 10 minutes. He drinks this … [Read more...]

Garden Work May 6th


I spent a few hours on May 6th concentrating on one problem area of my garden. You'd think my problem would be the gigantic mint bed, and I will get to that, but this problem area has bermuda grass. … [Read more...]

Hanging Mint to Dry

hanging mint to dry

Recently I picked over 400 mint stalks to dry. The only reason I know how many I picked is because I bundled them in groups of 12. I was hoping to harvest what would be considered a lot, and it felt … [Read more...]

Peppermint Sea

Peppermint Sea

If you read my blog last year, then you might remember that I let my herbs take over the part of the garden that I was not using. Unchecked, the peppermint spread like it was meant to … [Read more...]

Lemon Balm in April

Lemon Balm Plant

The lemon balm is up and growing with vigor. The lemon balm plant pictured below is large this spring. I have three plants or more and I should begin harvesting soon. What Does One Do with … [Read more...]

That Little Daisy

Erigeron annuus

A few years ago, when "that little daisy" began blooming, I thought to myself, "I should find out what that flower really is." Thus began the search for the name of this flower and I found it easily … [Read more...]

Bleeding Hearts are Blooming

bleeding heart blooms

The bleeding heart plants are blooming again in this part of the world. My bleeding hearts are still in pots and this makes the 3rd season that they are still in pots. For now, I have placed … [Read more...]

Onions and Herbs

onion sets, planted

Have you ever grown onions? I have a few times, not many. The hardest part of growing onions is keeping the weeds out. Onions are set close together, only 4 inches apart, and weeds can weave their … [Read more...]



I have never grown leeks before, but this year I will. Leek is in the Alliaceae. Other plants in that family are onions and garlic. Unlike the bulb that onion and garlic produces, the lower part of … [Read more...]



Everyone and Aunt Bee already has gravatars in their blogs, everyone but me, until just now! So if you want your picture to show when commenting at my blog use your gravatar connected email address, … [Read more...]

Morning Snow

morning snow

This was the sticky snowy scene in the woods behind my house this morning in south-east Tennessee. By this afternoon, the sun was shining and the snow had melted in all but the shadiest places. … [Read more...]

A Homemade Marshmallow

Hi written in Marshmallow

"Hi" written in Marshmallow Upon seeing a mixer bowl full of white goo, my daughter asks, "What's that?" "Marshmallow" "OOOOOO" Four Squares has made homemade marshmallows. Another one of my … [Read more...]

(The Heroes of) Mint City

heros of mint city

In an earlier article I shamelessly admitted that for the most part, I had to ignore my garden this year and what a good weed suppressor was my herbs. [grammar?] Anyway, later in the year I had more … [Read more...]

Keep Out and Welcome

keep out

My daughter liked to put signs on her door. For years, close to a decade, she's had her "Keep Out" sign on her door. She nicknamed herself "HAY the Horrible" a long time ago. HAY is her initials. … [Read more...]

Fork-tailed Bush Katydid

fork-tailed bush katydid

The insect pictured on this page is what seems to be a fork-tailed bush katydid [Scudderia furcata]. It was sitting on a zinnia in my garden on September 24th, 2009. The fork-tailed bush … [Read more...]

Bubble Bath for the Cat

Cat Bath

Much to his dismay, the cat received a nice warm bubble bath. He really needed it. I washed the cat while my daughter took these pictures. For the next few hours, every time that he … [Read more...]