CucinaPro Stainless Electric Skillet


More specifically: CucinaPro 1453 Stainless Steel Round Classic Electric Skillet – [ ] and the skillet at amazon –  CucinaPro 1453 Stainless Steel Round Classic Electric Skillet 12 Inch. The stainless steel […]

Home Repairs – Floors

Floor Tile

I was getting a bit twitchy about the whole sinking floor thing. I didn’t care for it. Every little creak was starting to rattle my nerves. It was, “Did you hear that sound?” all day long. Finally my husband contacted some carpenters.

Bubble Bath for the Cat

Cat Bath

Much to his dismay, the cat received a nice warm bubble bath. He really needed it. I washed the cat while my daughter took these pictures. For the next few […]

Styrofoam Lego Complex

Lego Complex

Many years ago we bought something that came packed in formed Styrofoam. I can’t remember what it was now, but this is about what we did with the Styrofoam. I […]

Flying Mut

John and Mut 1988

Inspired by: Mom saves the day! Nov 2nd, 2007 by tressays Here we have pictured my son John at 10 months old during January 1988. He is pictured with Mut. […]