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Chore Chart Maker - Cal-Chore Fix

Donna Young @ 28 October 2010
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The Chore Chart Maker is an XLS file that has two different printable chore charts. One is calendar based and one is list based. The system works for up to eight people.

chore chart

The calendar base list, Cal-Chore sheet, fetches chores based on dates and the person's name. Recently, Jessica kindly told me that the calendar based chore chart did not pick up chores from the calendar for persons 5-8. I looked for my error in the Chore Chart Maker file and found it to be an easy fix.

This article describes how to fix the Cal-Chore sheet on the Chore Chart Maker.
NOTE: As of the evening of Oct. 27, 2010, the Chore Chart Maker that is online has already been fixed.

Open Chore Chart Maker
Go to the Cal-Chore sheet
1. Unprotect the sheet.
[Tools > Protect > Unprotect sheet]

2. Open the Find and Replace window.
[Edit > Replace]

3. Do the following in the Find and Replace window

In the find box enter:

In the replace box enter:

find and replace in excel

Choose Replace all
--There should be 14 replacements.

4. Check to see if it worked.
If it did, protect the sheet [ Tools > Protect > Protect sheet (no password needed)]
Copyright © 2010 by Donna Young


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Donna Young

Donna Young
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