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Updates to September - April 2012

Donna Young @ 8 April 2012
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This is a repeat of the recently sent yahoo group update, except with pictures.


It has been a long time since I've sent an update to this group. I have just finished a long bit of work on the site-cd. I redid the entire cd website and that job took several months of work. Meanwhile I added a few items to and I will list them below.

Image: closeup of Site-Cd label graphic

An RSS Feed for; not the blog, but the website. I write items into the feed myself when I add things to the website.


--In Homeschool Planner > V Planner

V Planner V2.5 (also called V2.5 DT)
The newest version of the V Planner is finished. The new V Planner is more automated in that the date column on all 36 student subject sheets fill as soon as the school calendar is set up. The term column fills as each one is set up in a sheet called "Terms." Class sequencing, as in how many time a week a class is scheduled or if a class needs to be delayed, is managed with a column called "Bump." There is a short video about those new features here:


--In Homeschool Planner > High School--

I made a new high school diploma. It's a bit fancy. It is a typeable pdf.


--In Science > Lab--

I worked on this page and I made some new lab sheets.

I also wrote a short article about using a composition notebook for a labbook.

--In Art > Color--

I edited the pages under Art > Color. I also added some new pages.
The home page, linked below, has a list of objectives for color study for the grades K-6 - That is new content on an old page.
The assignment page is new, but contains some content that I had before. I added to it and edited what I had.
I added 3 color related "visuals" with paintings and color wheels and the first one is linked at

While writing the objectives, I realized that I should add an "in-between" color wheel, so I added two of them

--In Homeschooling > Games--

Math Bingo
Addition and Multiplication
Sometimes I go overboard with things - this might be one. You can choose from files that have either 12 bingo cards or 72 bingo cards. Why 72 bingo cards? I don't know. There are 6 each of those files and that makes 504 addition bingo cards and 504 multiplication bingo cards.


--In Math > Math Facts

40 New Drill Sheets

--In Art --

For years I intended to make a booklet like the one that I made for my daughter when she was young and I finally did it. It is called Animals of the World and it is at
"Animals of the World is a printable 1/4 sized booklet that has 4 pages for each continent. For each continent, the student should list a few animals on the continent's list page, and at some point, draw at least 3 of the animals."

In high school art (when I was in high school, art 3) the art teacher assigned one drawing homework each week. The assignments had a general theme. I still have most of my drawings, so I gathered them and made a list of themes for drawing assignments.


Speaking of high school art, I've long had my list of topics online that I made up for my daughter's high school art class. The list has not been prominently linked so it is possible that no one has ever seen it. Recently, as I was redoing the site-cd, I decided to get my notes and add a couple of the lesson plans that goes with the list. I can't add more yet because of time. I hope to do that later.


--In Science > Apologia--

When I was checking my files I found a checklist schedule for Exploring Creation with Physics 2nd edition that was donated by Kathy from Tasmania almost two years ago. She emailed the schedule to me just before we started our 3-month home repairs that put my office out of commission. I placed the file in the Co-op schedules even though it is not a co-op schedule. I don't have a physics page.


This is getting long. I have two more to add. I'll keep it short

New filler paper:

Keyed Gradebook updated to remove the div/0 errors



Thank you for reading.

Happy Homeschooling,
Donna Young

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  1.  Mindy @ DenSchool · May 1, 07:33 PM · #

    Thanks for the recap. Now I know what to look for on the site. It is nice to have it all laid out in front of me. Love your site – so many wonderful resources.

  2.  Donna · May 2, 05:45 PM · #

    Hi Mindy, thank you! And thanks for stopping by and commenting. =)



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