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Homeschool V Planner: Class Time

Donna Young @ 20 September 2010
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DY's Homeschool V Planner is only available from's Site CD.

I am still working out the details of V Planner V.2. Please note that this version is not yet available. I am hoping to have it ready by 2011. Today, I added functions to calculate minutes. I also made it so that keeping track of time is optional.

On the Data sheet, you will choose "Yes" or "No" to the question: Will you need to record minutes spent in class? (The question may change later.)

will you count minutes

If you choose "No" then the time tracking column will blend into the background. If you choose "Yes", then the time tracking column will appear.

will you count minutes

The default setting will be "No" and this is what the "S" sheets will look like without the time column.

will you count minutes

I made it so that the term calculators will return the hours spend in each term.

will you count minutes

Copyright © 2010 by Donna Young


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  1.  Rose Catriona · Oct 2, 08:43 PM · #

    it looks great, Donna!!!

  2.  Janet Wagner · Oct 2, 09:35 PM · #

    Hi, Donna! The planner looks great, and I want to thank you for putting together such an amazing site! I taught in traditional classrooms for over two decades, then left to homeschool my nieces, as well as begin tutoring at the local library, working with so many kids who were falling between the cracks in traditional schools. Your site has been invaluable to me in my planning; thank you for helping me to help so many others!



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Donna Young

Donna Young
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Donna Young

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