Big Cal - a Large Printable Calendar

Big Cal is a large printable calendar that measures approximately 21 inches wide by 16 inches tall. I made Big Cal August 23, 2013 because I needed it.

Donna Young

Big Cal - a large printable calendar at

About Big Calendar

  1. The numbers can be seen a few feet away, but not from across the room.
  2. One month uses 4 sheets of paper.
  3. Each sheet prints in landscape.
  4. Someone will need to assemble the calendar before hanging.
  5. The finished size is approximately 21 inches wide by 16 inches tall.
  6. The width, being just under 24 inches, allows Big Cal to be pinned to a cork board that is 24 inches wide.
  7. The assembled calendar is meant to be hung on a cork board near your desk, or in my case, on a huge sheet of double-thick cardboard that is propped up on the wall behind my chair.
  8. If you have a cat, he might like pulling out the thumb tacks - bare feet, beware.

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Big CAL 2020.


BIG Calendar - The Files

big calendar


Printing Big Cal

Select a file and print. Usually it is as simple as that, but lately new browsers do not always handle files in the same way that they did in the past. If you have trouble printing Big Cal, download it to your hard drive and print it from there.


  1. Each month uses 4 sheets of paper, the year uses 48 sheets of paper
  2. Each page prints in landscape
  3. The two pages that will go to the left side of the finished calendar will print first
  4. The two pages that will go to the right side of the finished calendar will print last, see image

print order

Trimming Big Cal

Lay the calendar out on a table so that the 4 sheets of paper are in the order that they should be once the calendar is assembled. See the image above? The pages are numbered and below I show what to trim off of each numbered sheet. Sheet number 4 is not trimmed.

first cut

Sheet One - The top left sheet, the one with the name of the month and says Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday --

  1. Trim off the right margin along the box lines
  2. Trim off the bottom margin along the box lines


Sheet two - the lower left side of the calendar - the sheet that will go under sheet one when assembled--

  1. Trim off the right margin along the box line


Sheet three - the sheet that is the upper right sheet of the calendar - the sheet that says Thursday, Friday, Saturday --

  1. Cut off the bottom margin along the box line

Gluing Big Cal

I glued my big calendars with ordinary white glue, you can use the glue of your choice. Below are instructions for gluing. Click on the image below or this link to see a larger version.
NOTE: The glue shown in the picture does not represent the quantity of glue, it represents where to add the glue.

When applying glue, stay within the margin area.

  1. Sheet 1 receives no glue
  2. Sheet 2 receives glue inside the top margin
  3. Sheet 3 receives glue inside the left margin
  4. Sheet 4 receives glue inside the top and left margins
  5. Continued below picture ...


  1. Connect sheets 1 and 2, line up the box-lines, don't worry too much
  2. Connect sheets 3 and 4 in the same way
  3. Connect the two pairs of sheets in the same way as #1 and it's done

Optional - Tape for Reinforcement

Lastly, consider adding a piece of ordinary tape to the back of the calendar where the seams meet at the places of the most stress. This is 5 pieces of tape.

  1. One piece of tape in the center (on the back of the calendar)
  2. One piece of tape for each of the 4 outer edges where the sheets meet (on the back of the calendar)

A Notebook Version of BIG Cal

The Blue School Calendar is a 12-month calendar and start at these months: January, June, July, August, and September.2-Page Block Calendar prints in portrait mode. The blocks for each month contain the dates and are large. Last month and next month are represented in the form of tiny calendars on each month.

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