An Undated, Dated Calendar

This calendar is educational in a way. It is a monthly calendar and it has no numbers, however; it is dated.

Each month will have the right amount of date blocks in the proper places. The child should write the dates in the correct block, basically beginning with number one in the first block and writing numbers in sequence, across then down, until the blocks are filled.

Dated Blank Calendar

The child could also write the month and year, which is already noted on each month, and draw a seasonal picture on each month. Optionally, holidays could be noted. This calendar can potentially (depending on child's age) add to skills and knowledge in language arts, math, social studies, and drawing.

The Files - Contains all 12 Months - 1 Month per Page

dated blank Calendar 2014

The calendars on this page have been updated for the year 2014.
Donna Young

One of the Months Filled in with Dates and Decorated

the calendar filled in and decorated

Drawing at

Drawing Lessons 1ADrawing Lessons 1A

Printable lessons that I made for my children and you may print them from my website. Purpose of lessons: To learn to see as an artist sees and apply that skill to drawing. To be more specific, to recognize the size, shape, position/direction of lines, dots, circles, etc. in a defined space.

Drawing with Children Lesson OneDrawing with Children Lesson One [in Art > Books]

Drawing with Children Lesson One is about drawing. The page linked here is an overview of lesson one. The next page: Drawing With Children, Lessons for Lesson 1 has lesson plan suggestions.

Once drawing is going fairly well, a student studies other aspects of drawing such as texture and shading, for instance, as well as perspective and the principles of composition.

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Art Exercises: Shading Drills

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YoungMinds at DYSubscribe to YoungMinds and enjoy an ad-free version of with extra content. Includes Donna Young's V Planner. What is YoungMinds?


Large Letters, Words, Small LettersLarge Letters, Words, Small Letters
The large K-1 letters, but with words. Small words are in the top and bottom margins of each lesson.

Drawing Assignments Based on Themes Shoes drawn by a the teenaged version of Donna Young

Donna Young

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