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About the Homeschool Planner Guide

In this guide, I will discuss the basic homeschool planner types and what sort of forms could go in them. From this guide, I hope that you will gather enough information to assemble a planner that works for you because a planner is not good unless is works for you.

The planner working for you is the key.You should think about what might be best for you. If you are not sure, choose a basic style this year and by next year, you will know more about how you manage your homeschool and what sort of planner type to use.

Donna's Planners : To read about what I usually included in my homeschool planner read: itemA Homeschool Plan Book. To find out how and why my planner book changed over the years read: itemOver the Years, Donna Young's Homeschool Planner. If you have a high schooler and you are interested in your high schooler having some time management experience read: itemHigh School Subject Notebook.

The Basic Homeschool Planner Types

The links below go to the 4 basic Home School Plan Book types. I have to tell you though that planner types can mix; I am not proposing that each type is carved in stone. I would rather you take ideas from these types to create a home school planner book that you find encouraging to use.

itemWeekly Planner
itemSubject Planner
itemJournal Planner

I didn't cover adding household forms, but you can add them. If you haven't found my household forms, they begin at Household Planners at Not only that, two of my homeschool planner sets include household forms.
Colonial Planner for Household and Homeschool

Papyrus Planner for Homeschool and Household

itemEssential Forms

In Essential Forms, I have described some of the homeschool forms that seemed essential to me. However, essential to a planner is relative and you will decide what is essential for your planner.

12/30/2007, updated Oct. 20, 2010
Donna Young
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