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Lesson Plan Outlines from an Encyclopedia

The (old version) World Book encyclopedia has a very nice unit about the moon. All you have to do is start at the beginning and read through the different parts. There is an outline at the end of the unit and there are questions. Read through the unit ahead of time to get ideas for projects and have the materials ready. 

The outline of the unit:
  I. Introduction
 II. What the Moon is Like
    A. The Moon's Surface
    B. Gravity
    C. Weather
 III. The Moon's Movements
    A. Phases of the Moon
    B. The Moon's Trip Around the Earth
    C. Rotation
    D. Eclipses
IV. The Moon and Man
    A. Time (primitive people measured time by the moon)
    B. Literature and Music (authors and poets are inspired by the moon)
    C. Mythology 
    D. Superstitions (Go to the library and check out the 1st Foxfire book Read the "Planting by the Signs")
 V. How the Moon Was Formed (hypotheses) 
VI. Other Moons

Items II and III would be the most important topics to cover. Another item not listed would be the Apollo landing sites and this could lead to a study of the Apollo space missions (as well as the space shuttle program).

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