High School Graduation Requirements

I cannot go into detail about state requirements because states vary, and in your homeschool, it is your responsibility to research your state's requirements. You can ask a friend who has homeschooled and graduated her children, but high school requirements change too often to risk not checking this yourself, so please do.

arrowCheck state requirements and college requirements for courses and credits.

Get the information from your state homeschool cover school or group, otherwise, go to your preferred search engine and type these search terms:

List of Links - High School Requirements per State

As of today - March 20, 2014, these links go to the right place; however, the link addresses are subject to change and it is unlikely that I will remember to check these links every year. Should the links fail to deliver, use your favorite search engine.


Alabama | Home Page | pdf graduation requirementsPDF |
Alaska | Home Page | List of Requirements |
Arizona | Home Page | High School Graduation Requirements | ASU's list
Arkansas | Home Page | pdf graduation requirementsGo to Page 9
California | Home Page | Table of Graduation Requirements
Colorado | Home Page | Guidelines - Linked under "Resources"
Connecticut | Home Page | The Connecticut Plan, Page 11
Delaware | Home Page | This and High School Graduation Requirements
Florida | Home Page | Scroll down to Academic Flyers
Georgia | Home Page | Choose one and go to page 3
Hawaii | Home Page | Graduation Requirements
Idaho | Home Page | Graduation Requirements
Illinois | Home Page | pdf graduation requirementsPDF | See also this at University of Illinois
Indiana | Home Page | Indiana's Diploma Requirements
Iowa | Home Page | Iowa High School Graduation Requirements | See Also
Kansas | Home Page | Docs | See also Kansas Regents
Kentucky | Home Page | Minimum High School Graduation Requirements
Louisiana | Home Page | Louisiana Graduation Requirements
Maine | Home Page | High School Diploma Requirements - Confusing, See Also This
Maryland | Home Page | High School Graduation Requirements
Massachusetts | Home Page | High School Graduation Requirements | See also Lawrence MA Requirements
Michigan | Home Page | Look for and Open High School Requirements Overview
Minnesota | Home Page | Graduation Requirements
Mississippi | Home Page | ? | See also Admissions Guide pdf |See also pdf graduation requirementsGraduation Pathways
Missouri | Home Page | Graduation Requirements
Montana | Home Page | Montana Graduation Requirements
Nebraska | Home Page | ? | See this at University of Nebraska
Nevada | Home Page | Graduation Requirements for Nevada
New Hampshire | Home Page | Records and Documents
New Jersey | Home Page | NJ State Minimum Graduation Requirements
New Mexico | Home Page | New Mexico High School Graduation
New York | Home Page | New York Diploma Requirements
North Carolina | Home Page | NC Course of Study
North Dakota | Home Page | PDF | See Also ACT/WorkKeys and Scholarships
Ohio | Home Page | Ohio Graduation Requirements
Oklahoma | Home Page | Oklahoma Graduation Requirements
Oregon | Home Page | Oregon Diploma Requirements
Pennsylvania | Home Page | PA Graduation Requirements
Rhode Island | Home Page | Website was broken when I looked this up
South Carolina | Home Page | South Carolina High School Courses and Requirements
South Dakota | Home Page | High School Graduation Requirements
Tennessee | Home Page | Graduation Requirements
Texas | Home Page | State Graduation Requirements
Utah | Home Page | High School Education Requirements
Vermont | Home Page | Graduation Requirements -unclear | See Also University of Vermont
Virginia | Home Page | Advanced Studies | Standard
Washington | Home Page | Washington State Graduation Requirements
West Virginia | Home Page | County By County requirements
Wisconsin | Home Page | Pathways to Graduation in Wisconsin - or | High School Graduation in Wisconsin
Wyoming | Home Page | pdf graduation requirementsHigh School Graduation - PDF go to page 5 | Hathaway Scholarship Requirements

Federal district of the United States
District of Columbia | Home Page | Graduation Requirements

Department of Defense
Home Page | DoDEA High School Graduation Requirements

Inhabited territories of the United States
American Samoa | Home Page | No information
Guam | Home Page | No Information - see Department of Defense
Northern Mariana Islands | Home Page | Found no information
Puerto Rico | Home Page |
U.S. Virgin Islands | Home Page |

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