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On this page I have listed a few of the Excel files that I have made for homeschoolers.

I have made a lot of excel files, but I don't like offering them online because I end up giving support on how to use the spreadsheet program. So please - look in excel's help files before contacting me if your question is related to using the program and not my files.

Unintended Changes to File - My files are generally in working order when "shipped." However, adding rows, or columns can will alter the file in such a way that I can't help you if you ever need it. Dragging cells from one location to another or using "Cut" from a right-click menu can break the worksheet. I do not support adding rows, columns, cutting cells, or dragging cells. When you unprotect a sheet Be Aware that you can delete the formulas that make the file work!

The whole point of using a spreadsheet program to keep track of grades is that the spreadsheet program can be made to calculate the grade averages.

--All files Require a Spreadsheet Program--

Click on the link to download and save to your computer.

XLS Grading Tools

Grade Calculators

expoints.png (12755 bytes)

The grade calculator returns a percentage grade based on your input. The file supports both points and percentages and up to 7 weighed values.

The Composition Grader - also called "Criteria Grader"

This file lives in the English section of Related to this file is Lab WU which is located in the Science section.

The Composition GraderI made this file for my use many years ago. I used it to arrive at a score and letter grade for certain types of work. With this file, you can evaluate work that has weighted parts within weighted parts. View a screen shot of the grader. The composition grader may be downloaded from The Composition Grader.

Paragraph Grader

Paragraph Grader: The paragraph grader is only on the site-cd and YoungMinds . The paragraph grader is something that I made for myself during the time I was using Jensen's Format Writing.


Grade Keepers

Grades & Attendance [G&A]

Very popular, very useful

Grades and Attendance keeps track of grades and attendance and it is simple to use. It is for one student. There are several Grades and Attendance files to choose from. You will find a comparison chart here:
Compare DY's Grades and Attendance
Note- G&A might not work with Mac Numbers.

Grades & Attendance II [G&A II]

I redesigned the G&A file and because the files are so different, I still offer the original G&A files. Read about the G&A II features at Grades & Attendance II

An XLS Keyed Grade Book

This file was started by someone else. I finished the file and refined the formulas and it has been sporadically available for many years. Now it is available year-round. The file is keyed to go with certain lesson planners. The details are on the file download page at An XLS Keyed Grade Book

This grader is Keyed to go along with certain keyed lesson planners, but which ones? Ah yes, the Garamond Quarterly & Semester Planners - see also High School Forms.

XLS 10-Subject Grader

A file that produces a printable 2-page grade record when you are ready to print it. Be sure to back up the file in case you lose your hard drive.

12-16 Grade Keeper plus Lab WU

This is a co-op grade keeper. It is designed for up to 12 students using a book that has up to 16 chapters. This file features my Criteria Grader (also called the composition grader). In this file, the Criteria Grader is called Lab WU.

XLS Planners

V Planner an xls homeschool planner

The V Planner is a premium item and only available from  YoungMinds .

The V Planner keeps track of almost everything that is homeschool. As a long-time homeschooler, when I made the V Planner, I included everything that I thought would be useful.

Excel Weekly Planner is a simple file. The file requires a date, class names, and student name. That information is carried over to several planner worksheets that should then be printed. While the planner may be filled in before printing, it's designed to be printed and then filled in by hand.

XLS Date Calculator

Homeschool XLS Term Calculator

I developed the calculator to assist you in obtaining date estimates for your school terms. XLS Term Calculator

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