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Date System

Date System is sometimes referred to as DS.

The date system is one of the two lesson plan fetching systems in the V Planner. I also refer to the Date System as DS. The date system uses the dates that are in the yellow column to send lesson plans to planners.

Being that the date system uses dates to fetch lesson plans, it is linear in one direction and in this case, linear is a fancy word for inflexible. You can't go backward with the Date System, but that is what the Number System is for. To keep the Date System from becoming an obnoxious beast, I added the Bump column. The Bump column allows you to skip forward; it makes dates go away. The bump column uses simple math to allow you to schedule a lesson plan sequence.

Drop-Down Lists for the Date System

You will find these Drop-Down lists on the Lesson Planners.

Below- Lists used by Number System and Date System

Systm Selection
The Main System Selection List

Master or Override
Master and Override List

ns and ds
The Per-Subject System Setting List

The Date List

date listUse the Date List to set the date for lesson planners. This is important because the Date System fetches plans based on dates, so setting the date is always necessary unless you are using ONLY the Number System.

Date List Control

list type choicesThis drop-down list allows you to choose which type of list to display in the Date List. Top with the recent dates, is pictured above.

Bump, the Control for the Date System

Date System ColumnsDate System Columns are at the S-Sheets - The Bump column manages the dates for the Date System by making dates go away.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Class - Pictured on the left is a very basic example of creating a class sequence with the bump column. Notice that the first 2 Tuesdays and first 2 Thursdays are "gone"; those dates have been bumped out by entering numbers in the bump column.

Read more about the Bump Column.

The Date System "Remembers"

Not in the way that you and I remember, but in a robotic way .. it remembers.

If you routinely use the date system, then you can pretty much reliably "look back" at past lesson plans in the planners. You can see and create a print-out of past lesson plans.

Why would this be good?
I don't know if not having a hard copy is ever a problem. I, personally, would not have needed to look back at what we did months ago, but this might be useful IF you are required to show printed lesson plans and the dog has eaten them.

Systm Selection The Main System Selection is above every planner and on the ALLBlock planner it is above each child's planner. It is the drop-down that asks for a selection of either Date or Number.

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