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The Random worksheet has puzzled analytically minded people since the beginning of the creation of the ability to make randomness in an ordinarily ordered set of concrete bits of virtualness - like the V Planner.


Random is Where you Can--

  1. Enter a to-do list of things that you hope to do sometime This Year.
  2. Enter a list of movies you'd like to see This Year.
  3. Enter some cool thoughts you've had and want to revisit them This Year.
  4. Enter a type, any type, of things of which you want to be reminded of This Year.
  5. Anything, a joke, even
  6. Remind yourself how wonderful life is

Data from Random Appears Randomly at-

  1. Today, near the top of the worksheet
  2. 7-Day, near the bottom of the worksheet

Using Random

There are four columns at Random; each one is labeled: Menus; To-Do; Goals; Misc. Each one of those labels hints at what could be placed in each column. You have 104 rows for each column, which might be too much or it might be just right.

General How-To and Tip - aka RULES
Enter One Item Per Line - Why? Because only one line is picked up and displayed.
If you want to see something more often, add it several times. Adding the same item several times increases the chances of seeing it.

Use this column to place family favorite menu or recipe titles, one per line. I recommend entering menu/recipe titles of meals that are:
A. easy to prepare and
B. you typically have the ingredients on hand.

Obviously for things that are not pressing but need to get done at some point during your lifetime or sometime this year.

Need to memorize quotes from obscure B-movies?
Need to do 50 sit-ups a day?
Need to teach Johnny how to do cartwheels?

I was so proud to finally be able to spell the word - Miscellaneous

Donna Young

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