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This glossary might not be exactly true to the definition of glossary, but it is a list of items that are present on the S-Sheets. Each listing will tell what you need to know about the item. If you need to know more and it is not anywhere else in the help files, feel free to write me with your questions.

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  1. The Term Numbers in the Term Column
  2. The Date System
  3. The Number System
  4. Lesson Plans
  5. Lesson Plan Columns to Planners - The video for this is online
  6. A Missing Term Number in the Term Column at the S-Sheets
  7. The Term Grade Calculators
  8. Dynamic Term Average Record (sometimes referred to as DTAR) | Video - Using the Dynamic Term Average Record
  9. Term Grade Calculators
  10. Term Averager
  11. Cell N77- The additional (and optional to use) cells for entering grades (NEW in V3)

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See also the S-Sheet help page in the V Planner

Point Value and Points

point value1 Point it worth - The value of points is established for the entire S-Sheet for the entire school year. Points are added or taken away in Column L and at a certain place in the term grade calculators.

Choose a point value, default is 0.1. After setting it, and after entering points in the +/- column, don't change it.

Time Records

If enabled at Data, time records can be recorded in column M. Enter MINUTES, do not enter hours.

Set Grade Scale

Set a grade scale for each S-Sheet. By default, all of the s-sheets are set at GS 1. GS 1 is the default grade scale.

After setting this, leave it alone because changing it mid-year can have an impact on grades.

Grade scales may be adjusted to suit you at GS-QP.

Entering Scores

Scores should only be entered into activated grade columns. See Term Grade Calculators and The Dynamic Term Average Record

Scores should be typed in as ordinary numbers. Don't type percentages or fractions or decimals - just type numbers such as 89 or 90 or 100. The calculators will do all the converting for you.

Divided S-Sheet, sometimes called "Split" S-Sheets

S-sheets 7-10 are divided. That means that the two semesters are separate - there is a actual space between the 1st semester and the 2nd semester. Divided S-sheets are special and read about how to use them at Divided S-Sheets

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