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CHW .... Chpts 58-64
Usborne World History pgs.333-377 (6 chapters)
Usborne Living Long Ago (Renaissance sections)
Usborne Story of Painting p.8-15
Usborne Story of Music p.10-11
Around the World in 100 Years by Jean Fritz
Peter the Great - Peter the Great
( chose 2 comedies. read children's and watch video) - Tales from Shakespeare
Spy for the Night Riders by Dave and Neta Jackson
The Queen's Smuggler by Dave and Neta Jackson
Eyewitness book Explorer
Beakman's Book of Dead Guys and Girls of Sciencep.16-32
Huguenot Garden by Douglas M Jones III

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Some of these books may be out of print. Sorry I do not have all of the authors. I didn't write them all down (like I should have) before selling them. Many of the books I read aloud. It all just depends on the reading abilities of your children as well as the time you want to take for history. ~Charmaine Wistad
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Huguenot Garden
Huguenot Garden

by Douglas M. Jones III

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