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The articles here are both new and from the past. I will never finish writing about science; I will attempt to choose topics that will encourage you to creativity explore the many areas of science.

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nature journalNature Journal

Photographs of one of our half-sized nature journals. Some of the pages tell how to do certain aspects of the journal, such as specimen pages and organizing the pages. Some of the pages do not have anything informative and are there just for demonstration. Most of the files used to make this journal are available and linked if available.

Newest page: Nature Journal Tabs - How to Make the Dividers


Spined Soldier Bug

This article is related to the bug hatching and instar movies. The article includes some of the photographs of the bugs that I took through our microscope.


wingCapture Images through a Microscope

This article explains how to take digital photographs of specimens that are on slides through your microscope.

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