Half-sized Dated Planner

These files are designed to be used in a Half-Sized Binder, sometimes this size is called Desk Size Binder, sometimes personal size. The finished pages measure 5 1/2 inches X 8 1/2 inches.

How to make a personal half-sized household planner with these printable files.
The 29 files linked below will make a basic twelve month dated block planner that includes optional extra December pages, a matching ruled paper file, and a back for the 12-month calendars. Printing all 29 files requires 15 sheets of regular sized printer paper, uncut.

1. Choose a month and print it on full sized printer paper.
2. Reload the paper and print its companion back.

After printing the fronts and backs, cut the paper in half so that it measures 5.5" x 8.5". Hole punch binder holes along the cut edges in the right places to fit into your half-sized binder. Complete your planner with other pages. Browse the links in the bottom row in the navigation menu above.

Pictured above - The Cover Page for 2015
If you prefer no image use this file: 2015 cover sheet without an image

Files for the 2015 Half-Sized Household Planner

Fat CatCover with image | no back, meaning, do not print on the back of the cover
12-Month Calendars* | Back *Optional Placement of the 12-Month Calendars: When stacking pages for binding, the 2015 12-month calendar is placed after the cover sheet while the 2016 calendar is the last printed page in the planner.

Fat Cat Ruled Paper - Optional, the image prints decently, but not perfectly.
Jan 2015 | Back
Feb 2015 | Back
Mar 2015 | Back
April 2015 | Back
May 2015 | Back
June 2015 | Back
July 2015 | Back
Aug 2015 | Back
Sep 2015 | Back
Oct 2015 | Back
Nov 2015 | Back
Dec 2015 | Back
Dec Extra | Back
Matching Ruled Paper

Do You Need the 2014 Planner?

XLS Block Calendar

Printing the planner is easy, but if you prefer to have a customized planner and if you have Microsoft excel, please see the xls fileExcel Block Planner (bottom of page).
[It is just another option.]

The excel block planner does not include the backs. You can choose to print the backs that I have provided on this page or use something else from the menu at the top of this page. I believe there are suggestions on the excel block planner page.

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