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Coin Counting Worksheets

On this page are a few money worksheets that quizzes the child in counting coins. The 3 styles are count and write, count and draw a line, and count and circle the answer. If you would rather do this without paper, see the Computer Money Quizzes. I have included templates that you can use to make more coin counting worksheets. The templates are in both formats doc and xml and they include coin clipart to copy and paste.

money workshetts Pennies and Nickels

Pennies alone and sometimes with one nickel

Pennies alone and sometimes with up to two nickels

Related: See Templates below

money worksheetsCount the Money

These worksheets are meant to be used once your child has learned a bit about money. These are not introductory sheets.

Count and Circle I
Count and Circle II
Count and Circle III

Count and Write I
Count and Write II
Count and Write III

Count and Match I


Spreadsheet Template that can be used to make money worksheets

spreadsheet Money Worksheet Template
starAlways check print preview before printing.

Doc Template that can be used to make money worksheets

doc Money Worksheet Template
starCoin images are on page three.

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