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Tracing Shapes

The handwriting readiness printables on this page are for children who need to practice writing the basic shapes of the printed letter. The handwriting printables are in Adobe Acrobat packages. Each one has 4 printables. You may print the files for your students and children. A suggested schedule is below on this web page. .. Donna Young

Packages of Four Worksheets

Week One

pdfWeek One

Week Two

pdfWeek Two

Week Three

pdfWeek Three

Week Four

pdfWeek Four

Week Five

pdfWeek Five
Suggested Schedule:


Choose any one of the "Fun" printables


docCertificate of Completion
Doc: Add child's name
Printing Readiness

Printing Readiness 2

Printing Readiness 2

Printing Readiness 2 has 23 printable drawings. Parts of the drawings may be traced to further aid the student with pencil control.

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Drawing the Animals of the WorldDrawing the Animals of the World
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How I Taught My Children About the CalendarHow I Taught My Children About the Calendar
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Large Letters, Words, Small LettersLarge Letters, Words, Small Letters
The large K-1 letters, but with words. Small words are in the top and bottom margins of each lesson.

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Printable Nature Journals in two sizes

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