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A homeschooling parent, MaryEllen, skewed the font School Script Dashed for her left-handed child. She is providing the font so that other parents can use the font to make worksheets for thier children.
SS-Left can be downloaded from at: SchoolScript-Left - zip
To make ruled handwriting paper, use the \ key.
To make a leading tail, use the | key.

Suggested use for font: Make Handwriting Lessons

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Donna Young See this page to learn how to make Homemade Handwriting Lessons in a Composition Book. The article seems to be about cursive handwriting, but it is not, it is about making a handwriting notebook and the things to consider when making the notebook.

Homemade Handwriting Lessons in a Composition Book - writing cursive f
I used the left side pages of the book to trouble-shoot troublesome letters.

Homemade Handwriting Lessons in a Composition Book- cursive f corrected
The "f" first drawn incorrectly, is drawn correctly on the remaining sentences.

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