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In science, I offer schedules for some of Apologia's science books. You will also find a few printable files such as nature journal files and lab book forms.

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videoShort Video- Bumblebee Nest
bumblebee nest

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folded nature journalSimple Folded Nature Journal

This is a folded nature journal. It asks questions such as, "What do you see?". Each "field trip" has a two page spread. The left side is for written observations and the right side has a place for a drawing or gathered samples. At the bottom of the right side page is a place to take note of the moon phase.

Marine Biology Co-op Homework Schedule and Flashcards

Kathleen Duncan has shared her co-op schedule and flashcards for the book Exploring Creation with Marine Biology published by Apologia Educational Ministries.

May 29, 2010 | Co-op: Marine Biology »

Bug Movies

Until the end of April, the bug movies will shown on the page linked below. These are the same movies that I ran two years ago.

February 5, 2009 | Bug Movies »

Homeschooling science can be a great adventure. I recommend using a hands-on and notebooking style for science.

Our first 8 years included no full set curriculum, only lots of books by different publishers including curriculum publishers. The first full curricula that my children used are the science books which are published by Apologia's Ministries and that is why I offer science schedules for those books.

Primarily, most of my children's years of science included keeping a nature journal and learning about science through stories, first hand observations, and from many different types of books.

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Some of my favorite books for science
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The Botany Coloring Book

The Zoology Coloring Book

Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 4 (Christian Liberty Nature Readers)


Handbook of Nature Study


The Story of Inventions

Book Plan

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Drawing in Linear Perspective
Drawing in Linear Perspective
Drawing a Grid in One-Point Perspective

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Animals of the world booklet

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