Monarch Butterfly #3

Butterfly #3 needed a little assistance because its chrysalis fell, or rather; the chrysalis was accidentally hit and then it fell. It was my fault. The accident happened on the same day that the butterfly was ready to emerge. I brought the chrysalis and a stick inside the house and set up a place.

There are four videos of Butterfly #3


Butterfly #3 Assistance

The chrysalis had fallen from where it was attached about the time the butterfly was close to emerging. I brought the chrysalis inside so I could monitor it. I also brought in a twig for the butterfly to hang from. The butterfly came out by itself. I helped it to the twig and that is where it stayed until I took it outside an hour or two later.

In this video, the butterfly climbed on my finger after he emerged and then he climbed on the stick.

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Butterfly #3 Routine

All of the butterflies that I have watched emerge have done this routine. I included just in case you never get a chance to see what a butterfly does after emerging from its chrysalis.

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Butterfly #3 Reaching

Later I took Butterfly #3 and the stick outside so the butterfly could be in its natural environment. I placed the stick on a tomato cage- the butterfly was still holding on to the stick. It seemed to want to be off the stick, and it climbed on my hand.

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Butterfly #3 Climbing

This time the butterfly climbed up the cage and it stayed there and he was in the same place the next morning shortly before he flew away. The butterfly's wings are displayed nicely in this video and it is evident by the spot, called the androconium, in the center of each hind wing that this is a male monarch butterfly.

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