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In order to access the files at, one must have a current subscription to either - Basic Subscription or YoungMinds Subscription. Read more below.

Donna Young, September 10, 2015

What is the difference between Basic and YoungMinds?

The Differences Between Basic and YoungMinds

  1. Calendars - YoungMinds includes all of the calendars, whereas Basic does not.
  2. PDF files - Basic includes most of Donna's PDF files; YoungMinds offers 1,152 additional PDF files (as of 9/9/15, [this number does not include calendars]).
  3. Doc Files - Basic includes doc files. YoungMinds has more doc files
  4. XLS files & V Planner (spreadsheets) - XLS files (spreadsheets) are included at YoungMinds. Basic will not include XLS files (spreadsheets) that were made by Donna Young.

Table Comparing Subscriptions

Both subscriptions allow access for One Year.

Compare Subscriptions
Subscribe Basic
PDF Files Yes, except for YoungMinds content Yes
Spreadsheets & V Planner No Yes
RTF/Doc/DOCX Files Yes, except for YoungMinds content Yes
Calendars Yes, except exclusive calendars Yes
Form Field Items Yes, except for YoungMinds content Yes
YoungMinds Content No Yes
*Refund No Refund No Refund
**3rd Party Ads No No
***Amazon Affiliate Links Yes Yes

Some files and pages are available only through the YoungMinds subscription.

*Because the subscription gives access to digital files, refunds will not be issued.

**3rd party ads are delivered via script by the 3rd party. When current subscribers are logged on, these particular types of ads will not exist on the pages nor in the source code. If you need an example, THIS page contains no 3rd party ads.

***Non-3rd-Party Amazon Affiliate Links will exist to a small degree on both subscription levels except inside the /dy/ folder, which is currently where the official YoungMinds website resides.

importantDonna Young's spreadsheets are not included with the basic subscription. Files such as G&A and other XLS files require a current YoungMinds subscription.


members linkquestionHow to access YoungMinds - video Video
Answer - At the top of most pages at is a link named Members. Click on that link and one of two things will happen.

  1. If you are logged in and a subscriber to YoungMinds, then you will land at the home page of YoungMinds.
  2. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in. After logging in, click on the link named YoungMinds Online Website under Active Resources.

questionWill the subscription website include a social network?
Answer - Probably not because of the time that it would take away from my already full day, but, under certain circumstances, I might be persuaded to be open to the possibility.

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