Printable Journal Pages

Keeping a journal is how some homeschoolers record everything. There are many printables at that can by used as journal pages. Some are plain and some match the homeschool planners while others match nothing. The printables are sorted and spread over a few pages in the bottom row of the menu and the pages are also linked below. See also the Related Links on the right.

Journals with Borders

blockFrom this page you may print bordered pages for your journal notebook. The borders vary from all around to just the top and the bottom. A few of the journal pages have lines that are a color other than black. I have included the DOC files. A caveat regarding the DOC files: The borders may or may not appear on the files in your word processor. The files were made with Word 2002.

Decorated Journals

spotWhen making these journals, I used images from Microsoft's online clip art through the search feature in Word. I found the flourishes using the search term "flourish" and the search term to find happy faces on the Coffee Journal is "faces." ODT format included

Journals with Titles

journalThe printable journal files on this page have titles in the header of the pages. They are sorted below and most have an accompanying image. A couple of the journals are available in doc and rtf and you may change the title to suit you in those.

Plain Journals

The plain journals are you can see from looking at the images below are ruled paper. Some are divided into columns.

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