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Donna Young started this web site in 1998. She was teaching her children at home, had bought a new internet capable computer, and decided to put her homeschool and household files online. Aside from a few donated files, Donna makes all the content for donnayoung.org using several programs such as drawing programs and word processors.

Files and Articles

Most of my articles may be viewed without a subscription. Access to files requires a subscription and some files are available for purchase at the shopping cart. Two subscription levels are available, Basic and YoungMinds. Basic includes most of what you can see at the website, but no spreadsheets. Youngminds is visible to its subscribers and no one else. Youngminds includes everything at donnayoung.org as well as additional files, spreadsheets, and articles. The link to subscribe is at the top of every page.

Calendars Updated

The following pages were updated to include the 2024 calendar:

Donna Young, October 17, 2024
Some calendars are updated manually: About the Calendars

DonnaYoung.org is Organized into Several Sections

The sections are linked across the top of every page of my website. This is a large website and some of the content could be placed in more than one section. Below, I will describe the sections and add a few links to some of the topics.


Our BackyardWhat do I have to say about home school? My thoughts on home school are scattered all over donnayoung.org, not in just this section. If you spend enough time at donnayoung.org, you will know what I think about homeschooling. This section, Homeschool, will have links to articles, game items, and links to homeschooling related pages in this website.
How to Make a Sticker Book
The Games Section - Blank printable board games, bingo games, blank cards, etcetera

Calendars | All Calendars Index

Printable Calendars and Printable School CalendarsThe section name is self explanatory and in it, you will find calendars for last year (in most cases), this year, and, in some cases, next year.
Printable School Calendars
Vertical Monthly Calendars
Horizontal Monthly Calendars
Blank Calendars
Note: Sometimes the calendar that you want will be in the Household section.

Home School Planner | Index

Donna Young's Homeschool PlannerI have many homeschool planners. However, the Homeschool Planner section is about more than just printing planners; it is also about: How to Plan; Why Choose a Certain Planner Type; School Calendars; Grade Forms, XLS Files; High School Forms; and more. If you are a homeschooler, just go there.

New To Home School?

Lesson PlansHow to Plan is a "child section" of Homeschool Planner. I wrote a series of articles about the thought processes behind getting started and making simple lesson plans. Linked below are some of the starting pages.
Homeschool Planning Steps 1-4
How To Make Simple Lesson Plans for Homeschool
(Surviving) The Curriculum Fair

Login RequiredV Planner | About the V PlannerAbout

vplannerV Planner is an XLS/XLSX file with which you can manage homeschool plans and records.
Login Required Homeschool V Planner
Help Files for VB Planner at: V Planner Blog

Latest Version: April 13, 2015. V Planner now includes a Google Calendar Add On which allows you to import lesson plans to google calendar. Download from the Member's area. requires login


HouseholdIn the household section you can print household planners in two sizes. Some sections include calendars. The main parts of Household are:
Full-Sized Household Planners
Desk Size Personal Organizer
Purse Sized Booklet
Small Desk Calendar

Art | Index

Visual ArtI was one of those children who drew on walls. My art section is not nearly large enough and I really want to work on it, but there are so many parts to this website to work on. The main parts:

English | Index

EnglishThe English section is challenging to work on because it is the last place that I want to causally type up articles with poor grammar, iffy usage, and typing errors. I like the subject and when I get over my fear of making mistakes in this section, it ought to grow like crazy. Forms
Dictionary Skills
Reviews, Books


HandwritingThe Handwriting section is a popular landing page. I have printable ruled paper, handwriting lessons, animations, font links, & tips. Handwriting is a large section.

By Style
Beginning Manuscript
133 Lessons- 100EZ
Small Print
Cursive Handwriting


Some links in the history section:
Timeline Forms
Timeline Book Instructions
Streams of Civilization Volume One
Maps for School Children
Chicken Mummy
A Child's History of the World Schedule & Book Suggestions


MathIn the math section I have printable items such as Math Work Paper, Number Line Paper, multiplication charts, coordinate grid paper, drill sheets, triangular flash cards, clock worksheets, money worksheets, black & white graph paper and color, a fraction pie, and a write-up about Unit Multipliers


science"Studying the sciences develops deductive and inductive reasoning skills and increases logical comprehension. It is also a hands-on approach to learning and practicing "scientific method," of which a fundamental and practiced knowledge is ..."

Nature Journal
Life Science (YoungMinds)
Sky Watching (YoungMinds)
Lab Sheets
Science Art

Apologia Science

Because I used this curriculum, I have lesson plans for some of the books. For my children, I made vocabulary bookmarks as a study aid & those are online as well.
E.C.W. General Science
E.C.W. Physical Science
E.C.W. Biology
Apologia's Young Explorer Series TOC Planners
Donated Co-op Schedules

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