I changed the look of donnayoung.org and added new content and this web site remodeling is an ongoing change. Most importantly, the menu is changed and allows donnayoung.org growing room.
New Menu Explained at: DY Menu

A List of Some of the New Content in Upgrade


Art will be restructured sometime this year, it is only 'skinned'

New in art:
Comic Strip Printables New comic strip printables

Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Planner is a large section that has both printables and help files. The entire section is about homeschool planning.

New in homeschool planner:
Homeschool Planner Guide Discusses planner types, several pages
Homeschooling High School Goes over steps, several pages
Planning for Beginners Rewritten, several pages
Sets, a new area for planners that have something in common such as the Portfolio Set and the Word files.


New in Household
Household - Purse Sized Booklet A small booklet that is made from word files, no pdf's for this booklet. There are several pages going over how to make the booklet and how to customize the booklet.


Handwriting is completely restructured under the new menu.

New in handwriting:
George Washington's Rules of Civility Booklet: This is a copy work booklet. Although I placed the printables for the booklet in handwriting, the lesson from the booklet is more etiquette than handwriting. As noted on the page, "I recommend this copy work exercise for children who know how to write well enough to concentrate on what is being written."
Recipes Recipes for play dough and finger paint
Make Handwriting Lessons A page about how to use a certain cursive penmanship font to make handwriting lessons with microsoft word.
Blank Top Handwriting Paper An addendum to this page about making handwriting lessons with microsoft word using a certain manuscript font.

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