February 2008 Updates to donnayoung.org

Three Manuscript Animations

The letters o, n, and f were added and they are linked from two pages: https://donnayoung.org/penmanship/manuscript-animations.htm This area offers the animations in two sizes, regular and stretched (big).

https://donnayoung.org/penmanship/manuscript-animations-ez.htm This is the 100 Easy Lessons area. Some of the animations have an accompanying sound related image.

Form Images and More Formats

When I redid donnayoung.org, one of my goals was to bring back images of the files for easier browsing. I have been doing that gradually and usually not calling it a new item. The Weeklies at: https://donnayoung.org/forms/planners/planner.htm have images now, but it qualifies for an announcement because I added word files in the formats DOC and RTF. I have to mention that the added doc's and rtf's are most likely in the word downloads, so if you have already downloaded the word files, then these added doc's and rtf's will not be new to you.


The diplomas are back full time and they are at: https://donnayoung.org/forms/planners/diploma.htm. They are in the formats of RTF, DOC and a Typeable PDF. The typeable PDF is not 100% compatible with all systems. Click on the image to see a larger image of the typeable pdf.

The diplomas have better grammar than the ones I had last year. Grammar is troublesome on a diploma. The previous years diplomas were worded after a diploma from the '70s.

English Menu

The navigation menu in English has been done. It wasn't compatible with IE7. I didn't know that, I didn't have IE7. I have to confess that I just dumped all of the links in the first English menu because I was behind schedule. When I found out about IE7 not liking my lame solution, I fixed it. However, I wasn't ready to fix it, that is why I dumped the links in the first place. Now I have organized the English menu (sort of) and IE7 likes it but most of the new landing pages are, for the most part, without content. I will add content to those landing pages sometime this year. https://donnayoung.org/english/index.htm

Horizontal Calendar "Clean"

Several visitors requested a one-month typeable calendar and so I made one. The calendar is in both doc and pdf format. https://donnayoung.org/calendars/dated/index.htm Only the doc format is typeable. If you do not own software that will open doc format and if you have fast internet access, consider downloading Open Office from https://www.openoffice.org/. Open Office is a free office suite.

Math Charts

I am changing many of the navigation menus at DY this year. I changed the math menu for Charts and I added a few multiplication charts. https://donnayoung.org/math/charts.htm

Homemade Handwriting Lessons

During our many years of homeschooling, we did a lot of homemade lessons. The page: Homemade Handwriting Lessons at https://donnayoung.org/homeschooling/english/handwriting-composition-book.htm describes how I made remedial cursive handwriting lessons for my daughter using a bound composition notebook.

There are two other web pages at DY that describes a process of making handwriting lessons with a word processor. Those two web pages can be seen at Handwriting > Tips https://donnayoung.org/penmanship/tips.htm



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