Updates to donnayoung.org, May 6, 2009


The following are the updates to donnayoung.org from February 22, 2009 through May 6, 2009

13-Month Calendar Generator

Designed for homeschoolers who school from mid-month to mid-month year-round. With the generator, you may type the header, choose the starting month and starting year. Generator programmed by John Young.

Cursive Handwriting Lessons

The cursive handwriting worksheets on this web page use a handwriting style that is similar to D'Nealian, however there are some Zaner-Bloser elements in some of the worksheets. There are 28 worksheets with 4 short lessons per worksheet. A writing animation accompanies a few of the lessons.

Connecting Cursive Capitals

Connecting Cursive Capitals is a series of cursive handwriting lessons that practice altered and non-altered cursive capital letters to connect the capital letter with a following lowercase letter. There are 3 worksheets (6 lessons ) so far. I will work on these and upload them over time. Update, 4/4/9: I've added 5 more files.

Kindergarten Diploma

I spent a bit of time on a new kindergarten diploma. This one is a serious looking file and it's typeable. If you need a kindergarten diploma, read more about the file at the new certificate page.

HSF Archives

July 2003, I opened a homeschool board at homeschoolforms.com. Despite the existence of multitudes of home-ed forums all across the internet, I started the board because it seemed like a good idea to provide the service. Unfortunately, the longer I had the board, the more time it required to maintain. Due to growing time restraints and not having enough time to work on donnayoung.org, I closed the board about 4 years later. Now, 2 years later, I am finally archiving the discussion threads at HSF Archives. Read more at About

Alexia Planner

This is just another planner option. I remade the Alexia Planner files from images to preserve the font that I use for this planner. There are only nine files for this planner and I am not sure if I will make more. This won't be the last planner that I add this year, two more are on my list. There is a bit more about upcoming planners including a sample file at the alexia blog entry.


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