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Do your children and students need to be reminded about how cursive letters are written? If so, have them view the cursive letter animations that I am providing at In watching the animated gifs, they can see how cursive letters are drawn. The entire set consisting of both lowercase letters and uppercase letters is now online for viewing.

Links to the different cursive animations are at the bottom of this page.

Why I Made the Cursive Animations

I originally made the cursive animations for my children. They needed occasional reminders about how to form certain letters and with the animation, they could watch it over and over and trace it with their finger.

Lower case "f" seemed to be the hardest letter for both of them to remember how to write. You can see the problem with the letter f at this web page where I describe how to use a bound composition notebook for custom handwriting lessons.

How I Made the Cursive Animations

I made each animation with a paint program, the same one that I used to make the handwriting lesson worksheets. Each frame of the animation is a layer in the image. Each animation usually took anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes to make. After creating all of the layers of the animation, I used an animation program (Animation Shop) to create the animated gif.

Later, when I made DN (resembles D'Nealian) manuscript handwriting animations, I used a different method, which might remain a secret. The DN set is more natural because the letters are written by my hand. That set, however, is reserved for subscribers.

Viewing the Animations

  1. Usage: View the animations from
  2. Do not download them.
  3. If you must have the animations on your computer for off-line viewing then purchase the Site CD.
  4. If you need to view the animations without advertising, then subscribe to my website or buy the aforementioned CD-ROM. An additional bonus to subscribing is that not only do you not see the 3rd party advertising, you have access to more of my content. In the case of handwriting animations, you will have access to additional handwriting animations.

The Letter Style of the Animations

The cursive letter animations are made using the letters that are pictured below. At this website I call this group of letters Cursive Z and any group of worksheets that are labeled Cursive Z use this style. Cursive Z is named after the popular style of Zaner-Bloser. The letters resemble Zaner-Bloser, although I can't say if the resemblance is 100%, let's just say that it isn't. You can see for yourself by looking at the images below.

Links to the Cursive Z Letter Animations

Cursive Letter Animation, Group Two

Links to Cursive D Animated Words

The animated cursive words linked below were created to go with the Cursive D worksheets. Note: Cursive D was made with the Bob Jones University font but it appears that they no longer offer the cursive font as a download.

Cursive Goose

chalk | chew | dirt | drink | ever | Fish | He | of | shoes | Touch | D | F

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