Ad Libs taken from Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 97 in 24 Hours

~Original Text~

Microsoft Office 97 improves your work environment by offering integrated software tools that are powerful yet easy to learn and use. Offices large and small can use Office 97-based applications for many of their day-to-day computer needs as can home-based businesses and families who want simple but robust writing and analysis for their computer.

Needs the following parts of speech:
verbs 3
adjectives 8
nouns 3

Microsoft Office 97 v                            your adj                                environment by offering integrated  adj                           tools that are powerful yet easy to v                           and v                           . Offices adj                          and  adj                          can use Office 97- adj                          applications for many of their day-to-day n                                 needs as can  adj                          businesses and families who want  adj                          but  adj                          writing and n                                 for their n                                 .