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2013- The pdf file [file name] is not printing correctly

This is something new and annoying. A few who have used this website for years are writing to tell me that recently the files are not printing well. I have not changed my files; it is the browser that you are using or something to do with your setup. For instance I've noticed that the recent version of Firefox does not handle pdf's well. Firefox renders some of my pdf's in hideous ways.
Solutions? None that I have found that allows you to print from a flawed pdf reader plugin - If a particular file is not printing as it should, try:
1. Print from a different browser
2. Download the file and print from your hard-drive

The difference between file purchase and subscription

File Purchase- The file is yours forever. This is best for the files that you intend to use over and over or for a particular calendar that you like very much.

Subscription- Files may be printed and used while you have an active subscription. Although sometimes you need to, you are technically not allowed to download and keep files.

Note: Once you have subscribed at least once, you will have an option to subscribe for life.

Can I reprint an article from your website for our newsletter?

Please ask first. When asking permission, please provide exact and full information. I usually allow reprinting as long as I am given credit and a link to my website is also printed. Contact Form

Can I link to your website?

Yes, you can link to any HTM page of this website. If the URL ends with htm, then you can link to it. You can link to any blog page. Please do not link to images, pdf files, word files, or zip files because if you do, the link will not work. It is ALWAYS best to link to the web page and not to the file.

Will you link to my website if I link to your website?

No, I do not maintain a reciprocal link page.

Can I upload some of your files to our intranet/school web site?

No, please see Terms of Use

Can I add your files to my website?

No, please see Terms of Use

When I bookmark my favorite printables and then try the link later, I don't get the printable.

The address of printable files change occasionally. It is better to bookmark the web page that serves the file instead of the file itself.

Can I type on the Adobe Acrobat (pdf files) files?

Only the PDF forms that are designed to be typed on may be typed on. Those typeable PDF's will be described as such.

The pdf files are not loading .. they used to load ..

Something isn't working right somewhere and it is probably a temporary condition. My web site lives on a server somewhere on the west coast and it will not be up 24/7, 365 days a year. It is down sometimes and during those times, people (not I) are working to get it back up. I never go to any lengths or efforts to cause or the files not to work (that would be anti-productive) and so if the problem is on my end, then it should be a temporary one. If the problem doesn't go away, then it is something that is not related to my web site, that means the problem is on your end and I cannot help with that.

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