June - October 2008 Updates to donnayoung.org

GeoSafari Resources

If you have a tabletop geosafari unit, please visit the resources that I have added to the geosafari resources web site. I added instructions for the 3-ring binder template and images of that and other template styles.

2-Page Attendance Forms

The 2-page attendance form can keep attendance records for one student. Each page is for one semester. Keep attendance totals for each week, each month, and each semester.

2009 Half-Sized Dated Block Planner

The dated 2009 Half-Sized Block Planner refills are ready and uploaded. These files are designed to be printed on a regular sized printer paper, then cut in half. For notebooks that use 5.5” x 8.5” filler.

Grades & Attendance

Someone wrote me recently about a Grades and Attendance file alteration and that brought me to the G&A files. I altered a weighted points G&A file to have 12 subjects and that file is uploaded to the Grades and Attendance. Scroll down the page and look for the one labeled 12 subjects.

Grades & Attendance Compare Page

Because I like charts, I added a web page that compares the 3 basic G&A’s that are online at DY.

Half-Sized Ruled Planner

Because I am tired of the old ruled planner, I have replace the old one with a new ruled planner online. This one is dated and ready to print, and there is no need to write in the month and year.

Household Dated Files

Updated to include the years 2009, 2010, and in some cases, 2011.

Site-CD aka YoungMinds

2009 Version is completed

Saxon Math Grade Records DOC files

A homeschool mom recently requested a doc format of the Saxon math grade record files. I understand that the files do not go exactly with the new Saxon Books. The two DOC files are uploaded and linked. You may alter the files to suit the math book that you have.

High School Course of Study

After months and months of an empty page, there is something to read now!

High School Forms

New forms - matches Garamond (below)
Course Checklist

Garamond Collection

Garamond collection is a new group of planners that are spread out over two web pages, the one linked below and the high school forms web page. The font, Garamond, is used in the set. The set includes standard lesson planners and a few that are a little different. Garamond also includes a class planner.

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DY: October 25, 2008

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