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This is the Language Arts Home page. From here you have access to some general resources for the different parts of language arts. In the menu above, I've added a link to the English Index page, which should list all of the pages. The link should be visible throughout the English section.


These are forms that I made especially for English classes. If you are looking for the graders, they are listed at Grades

abcDictionary Skills (Research)

Dictionary skills, for the most part, addresses the skills needed to look up information in books that are organized alphabetically.

spelling beeSpelling

Lists of words, not necessarily spelling words but these: ie or ei, Ending in Y, Homophones, Commonly Misspelled Words & there is a Spelling Bee Certificate


A small section, vocabulary features the printable Word Book, Greek Prefixes, and Vocabulary Words for grades 4, 5, & possibly 6.


Grammar is not just knowing what the parts of speech are, it's knowing how to use them. When learning how to use the parts, the key word is function. This section has tables of lists and some articles. There will not be a grammar handbook in these pages.


Writing is like the stage for language arts. What students have learned in English, thus far, is displayed in their written works. Knowing this, the attentive instructor can assign parts of language arts accordingly to address the weaknesses of individual students.

Reviews, Books, Planning

I have reviewed some of the books that I have used. None of the reviews that I write are written against other books. Just because I like a book and review it does not mean that there are no other books that are better. Most of the time, I do not bother with reviewing books that I use. I prefer presenting a book as an example in how to make lesson plans.

Dictionary: The links below go to Project Gutenberg. "Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks". - This link goes to a page of links to downloads for "Books by Webster, Noah". The links on the page go to parts of the Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 1913. This link goes to the download page for Webster's Unabridged Dictionary by Various (authors), 1913.

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