Updates to DonnaYoung.org, July 2010 - August 5, 2010

--In Lesson Planners--

Portfolio X -- This is a "tool", a form that you fill in with homeschool related items such as subjects, school year, etc and the form returns a lesson planner with the data filled into the planner sheets. The file includes the following. (It is possible that you will not need every sort of file included.)

1 Title / cover sheet. You will finish it
1. Weekly Log
1. Course of Study
1. Attendance
7. Class Schedule, 1 for each subject
1. Reading Log
1. Field Trip Log
1. Daily Log
7. Goals, 1 for each subject
1. Book Key


--In Science (videos)--

I have a video of a false potato beetle playing dead.
Playing Dead, by a False Potato Beetle

Also in science videos, I added the story behind Monarch Butterfly #3.

--In Science--

A simple nature journal with a cover,
The Folded Nature Journal

--In Math--

Simple online telling time quizzes
Whole Hour, sequential order [1:00, 2:00]
Whole Hour, mixed order

--YoungMinds, the site-CD-Rom--

Through August the site cd is 22% off the regular price.


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Donna Young

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