Updates to DonnaYoung.org, August 2010

--In Homeschool Planner > Lesson Plan Forms--

6-Week XLS Planner
The 6-Week xls planner now has a 2-page version. I was asked a few days ago how one could possibly use this planner for two children. I stretched the page into two and added a space on the right for typing lists or comments.

V Planner Help Files
Some help files are up for the V Planner. The V Planner is a brand new XLS homeschool planner and it is currently only on the DonnaYoung.org Site-CD as of version 2011.

--In Art > Books--

Drawing With Children, Lesson 3
I recently went over chapter 3 in the Drawing with Children. The lesson seems to be one that is easy to plan. I summed it up on the page linked above.

--In Household > Full-Sized Planners > Home--

Donna Young's Chore Maker
This is a spreadsheet made in two formats, XLS & ODS. With it you can enter up to 8 people. You can generate two types of chore charts - One is calendar and list based. The other is list based. The file includes a sample master list that you can edit.

--In Handwriting > Cursive Handwriting--

Cursive Words Practice in Two Sizes
I recently added 3 more worksheets to The Second Set.
e & f words, g & h words, i & j word

--In Science > Apologia--

Exploring Creation with General Science Co-op Schedule 2nd Edition
Kris Stedl has updated Leah Mitchell's 1st edition general science schedule to a 2nd edition schedule.

Lab Sheets for Exploring Creation with Physical Science
While working today, I decided to update the lab sheets on the physical science page. I also made a grade sheet, but it is limited to labs and module tests. I included the DOC forms this time.

--In Blog--

Swallowtail Caterpillar Computer Wallpaper
In four sizes based on 4 common ratios


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