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Weightless Excel G&A

Donna Young @ 2 October 2007
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Grades and AttendanceThis Grades & Attendance file is not a weighty matter, it's just straight up grades.

The no-weight grades and attendance is not a new item, it has always been available on the youngminds website. Someone recently wrote me regarding the G&A with the test column. I could see that those who do not need to weigh grades would be better served to have the no weight G&A and it is now online at
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  1.  Donna Young · Oct 2, 11:37 PM · #
    My poll thinks that I have already voted. mad I hope it doesn`t do this to everyone else.
  2.  Tanya · Oct 2, 11:58 PM · #
    :worry: What exactly are weighted grades
  3.  Elaine · Oct 3, 12:34 AM · #
    sad I can`t vote. poke
  4.  Tressa · Oct 3, 01:04 AM · #
    It worked for me. I checked sometimes. I am not really sure that I am doing it right, so it is kind of a "tressa" version of weighted grades. But, it works for me. I will have to figure something else out by high school.
  5.  Donna Young · Oct 3, 01:28 AM · #
    Since it worked for Tressa, maybe it is working now? I turned off wp-cache, which might have caused the problem. I`ll have to look further into the possible conflict when I do not have beautiful lavender and gray vertical bars on my screen.

    Tanya, there`s an example of grade weight here:
  6.  Tanya · Oct 3, 10:10 AM · #
    yes I weigh all of my grades
  7.  Elaine · Oct 3, 04:00 PM · #
    I was able to vote. hot drink
  8.  Tressa · Oct 3, 06:35 PM · #
    I was able to play around with your file, Donna. I like it. smile
  9.  Michielle · Oct 3, 06:47 PM · #
    laughing It worked for me, but I do not weight grades yet, although there might come a time when I do.
  10.  Donna Young · Oct 3, 10:08 PM · #
    smile Thank you Tressa.
  11.  Adrienne · Oct 17, 09:56 PM · #
    Tanya asked what weighted grades were - I also wonder if homeschool moms should or should not use them. I am a beginner and I have a 9th grader...
  12.  Donna Young · Oct 17, 10:58 PM · #
    Adrienne, I have really never thought about if a homeschooler should or shouldn`t give more weight to some grades than others. Thinking about it just now, I`d say that it is not black and white, that it depends on the children`s grade level, courses, and if mom is giving her children special assignments that require extra work (and grade value).

    If I were to generalize, I`d suppose that high school students would be the group most likely to have their grades weighted. I started weighing test scores higher when my children were in 7th grade.
  13.  Robin · Oct 17, 11:30 PM · #

    I`ve home schooled for about 10 years so far and have another 8 years to go! I have always weighted my kids grades. Of course I am a certified Teachers Aid even though I`ve only taught my own kids. I find it encourages them to work harder, especially because they know I work hard not only setting up their day, collecting or creating curriculm but grading their work.
  14.  Donna Young · Oct 17, 11:36 PM · #
    Thank you Robin! smile
  15.   · Oct 26, 01:47 PM · #

    Thank you, Donna! - Adrienne


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Donna Young
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