Updates to DonnaYoung.org, through May 2011

--In Homeschool Planner --

V Planner V.2
Version 2 of the V Planner is available. The V Planner is an XLS file with which you can manage your homeschool lesson plans, grades, attendance and a few other things.

--In Homeschool Planner > Administrative--

XLS Homeschool Term Dates Calculator
The Term Dates Calculator is an xls file in which, after you go through five semi-easy steps, it will calculate your term dates. Moreover, if you do not like the dates that it gives you, you can tweak them. It will even give you an estimated last date for your homeschool year.

--In Homeschool Planner > Lesson Plan Forms--

Surrounded by a Calendar Row Lesson Planner
I noticed that these lesson planners were about to expire, so I made more of them and put them online.

--In Handwriting > By Style

ZB Cursive Handwriting Lessons
Currently there are 52 lessons - 2 lessons per printout..

--Site CD

YoungMinds, the site-cd, is available again after a month of delays caused a series of events. I intended to have a spring sale in May, and just yesterday, I was able to put YoungMinds back up for sale again and have the spring sale. Through June 20th, the CD-ROM will be 20% off regular price.


Currently I am working on the art section, specifically in the perspective drawing pages. There will be a few more pages about perspective drawing when I am finished.


Thank you for reading.

Happy Homeschooling,
Donna Young

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