Homeschool Planners with Rows

A row planner uses a different planning strategy. Rather than entering lesson plans in daily chunks, enter them in weekly or greater chunks.

2 column plannerquestionWhat are row planners?
I named these planners "row" because the places in which lesson plans are written are shaped more like rows than blocks. Also we can have what I might call split rows and an example of that can be found in the column planners, specifically the 2 Column Planners. The previously written sentence is useless information and if you ever asked me about split row planners, I'd probably say, What? Then you'd say, column planners, then I'd say, okay.

questionWhat good is the row shape for lesson planning?
Although there are several ways the row planner can be used, I will list two.

1. Row planners lend themselves easily for use as a daily planner.

2. While the row planner can be used for day by day plans, row planners can be used for grouped plans. What I mean is this:
Instead of writing Monday-Lesson 1,Tuesday-lesson 2, (and so forth). The Grouped Plans will be written like this:
This *week complete Lessons 1-4 and ... .
*week could be something else such as a set of dates or a term length

A Row Planner Surrounded by a Calendar

one of my more odd planners - Donna

Unique row planners that have a 5-month calendar running all around the edge. Impress your homeschool buddies with these fancy planners. They are available in PDF. Each planner has nine rows. - Only from Donna Young

planner surrounded by a calendar

This is an image of the top of the planner. The weekends are gray. The months are noted somewhere along the line of dates. There is a line instead of a worded header. Each file will start with a month and end around 5 months later. The beginning date may or may not be at the first of the month and the very last date may or may not be the last day of the month. Use these for a daily planner, weekly planner, or some other type of time-span planner. All of the files in this style are PDF. The font used is Garamond.

calendar surround filesThe Files are Named after the Starting Month pdf files

The files have been updated for 2023.
Donna Young

More Homeschool Row Planners

The Surrounded by a Calender row planner is not my only row planner, I have more!

Plan List - A Row Planner

pdfPlan List
A journal type of planner. This planner has a large square at the top with a list along side the square and the bottom portion of the page has 5 rows for planning the 5 days of the week.

From the Homeschool Planners - By Columns

9 Rows: pdf filePDF doc or rtf fileDOC

9 Rows: pdf filePDF doc or rtf fileDOC

Lesson Plan Timer



The image above shows the header of the timer. This is the DOC file. You should change the message, "A Reminder from Mom can go here or an encouraging word." to something else.

docHomeschool Timer[DOC]

pdfHomeschool Timer [PDF]

Also in XLS

From- High School Forms

The next two row planners are from High School Forms

Daily or Weekly Assignments - 7 Rows  

assignments Heading: Assignments
Font: Garamond

As you can see it has rows instead of blocks. General chapter readings and lesson/writing assignments could be placed in the rows. In this form, the "week of" indicates that this form is a weekly form.

pdf fileWeekly Assignments
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

Daily or Weekly Assignments - 8 Rows  

assignmentsHeading: Assignments
Font: Garamond

It does not have in any way indicate a week, but a date can be added to the form. This could be used as a daily assignment sheet or a weekly assignment sheet. It can be used for a more detailed assignment sheet if used as a daily homeschool planner.

pdf fileAssignments
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

From Homeschool Forms for the Colonial Planner

Garamond Font

The font used on the "Surrounded by a Calendar" row planner is Garamond and should look nice in a planner book that uses files from any of my other planner filler files that use Garamond. Quite a few of them use Garamond. Here is a list:

Donna Young, July 6, 2010

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