Example of a Goals Chart

Name: Andy Dandy Year: 1999-2000 7th.gr.
Goals for: Language Arts page 1 of __ Techniques, Books, or Software to be used to achieve goal:
Improve handwriting and proofreading skills Andy will copy a page in cursive from a novel. After that, Andy will proofread his work
Use Handwriting practice sheets as needed
Understand correct grammatical use and function of all forms of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, articles, interjections Easy Grammar or other grammar program
Learn spelling rules and spell, capitalize, and punctuate correctly  
Natural Speller or other spelling program
Research one factual topic, write an outline, a bibliography, a report, and a summary on chosen topic. Home Reference materials: World Book Encyclopedia Books and CD-ROM, Britannica Encyclopedia, Encarta CD-ROM, Internet
The Public Library, its card catalog, and reference materials
Expand vocabulary; use analogies; define and analyze words Analogies 1

Wordly Wise

World Book Dictionary

* Read from selected text; allow Andy to check his work. Afterwards, I will check his work to see how well he: copied the dictated selection and found his errors.

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