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Notebook Filler Paper

notebook paper - Middle 26If you are too busy to run to the store for notebook filler paper, you can print some from this web page.

The first set on this page is the type with everyday, ordinary plain lines and of those, there are 5 rule-sizes from which to choose. I hope one of the sizes works well for you.

Spacer Paper: The second set of files, named spacer paper, prints in color; the ruled lines are blue and the margin lines are pink. The paper is called spacer paper because the ruled lines have pale tick marks to help the student space words, or if you prefer, the tick marks could be used to space letters. How to use the "spacer paper" is up to you. And because I have been asked about the spacer paper -- I suppose that spacing words makes more sense in the long run because some letters use more space than other letters, but again, how you use the spacer paper is ultimately up to you.

The First Set - Lined paper

This paper has margin lines and plain horizontal lines. The file is named after how many spaces are in the paper. 17 is the widest rule and 35 is the narrowest. I test printed the files and measured the distance between the lines. I would still say the sizes are approximate. Your printer might have slightly different results.

printablesThe Filler Paper

notebook paper
PDFWidest 17

little over 1/2 inch
(little over 13 mm)

notebook paper
PDF"Wide-Rule" 23

1 cm
(little over 3/8 inch)

notebook paper
PDFMiddle 26

11/32 inch
(little under 9 mm)

notebook paper
PDF"College-Rule" 30

5/16 inch
(little under 8 mm)

notebook paper
PDFNarrowest 35

7 mm
(little over 1/4 inch)

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Spacer Lined Paperspacer paper

This set has small tick marks to help the student space words and/or letters. The image shows the small difference between the 3 rule sizes. The sizes listed are approximate, your results might be slightly different.

spacer paper

printablesThe Files—Open and Print

PDF5/16" | PDF9/32" | PDF1/4"

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I designed this notebook filler for my daughter to use in her composition classes. She writes in the left area and I use the two right margins for noting the number of errors, correction marks, and comments.
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