Updates to DonnaYoung.org, November 2010

--In Homeschool Planner > Lesson Plan Forms--

In an effort to make the lesson plan forms easier to browse, I've started a another section for the forms. So far, I have two pages that are based on the number of rows and columns that the forms have.
More pages along this new sorting method should be added next year.

The 5x7 Grid Lesson Planners web page has some new forms.
5x7 Ruled Edwardian Planner
5x7 Snowman Planner
5x7 Spring Thaw Planner
5x7 2-Page Lesson Planner
5x7 Lesson Planner for Two Children #1
5x7 Lesson Planner for Two Children #2

--In Homeschool Planner > Administration--

G&A Points, Version 2
A requested item: G&A Points Version 2 is based off of the 10-subject G&A Points and will allow you to record AP, Honors, or regular Quality Points to each subject. Additionally, you can choose one of two grading scales for each subject.

--In Art > Books--

Week Six - AOP LifePac Electives Art, Principles of Color
This is not a new page, but the printable files added to this page are new.
And under the files is a link to an short how-to for the color comparison boxes ("Juxtaposing Colors")

Planning Guide- AOP LifePac Electives Art - Unit 7 Comics
This is a planning guide with supplies, book contents, class estimates, and a schedule to edit. The planning guide is on the web page and in a downloadable word document.

--In Household > Half-Sized Planners --

2011 Half-Sized Dated Block Planner is online
The dated 2011 Half-Sized Block Planner refills are ready and uploaded. These files are designed to be printed on a regular sized printer paper, then cut in half. For notebooks that use 5.5" x 8.5" filler.

--In Handwriting > Fonts--

SS-Left Handed Font
A homeschooling parent, MaryEllen, skewed a lined handwriting font to make handwriting lessons for her left-handed child. She is providing the font so that other parents can use the font to make worksheets for their children.


--In Math > Money--

Larger Store Tags
Larger tags on the "Playing Store to Learn About Money" web page.


--In Blog--

A fix for the XLS Chore Chart Maker at
The cal-chore sheet will not pick up persons 5-8 without this fix. The current online file has the fix applied.


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