Updates to DonnaYoung.org, February - March 4, 2010

--In Household--

I retired the old Half-Sized Ruled Planner and brought in one that is very much like it. I also added two sets of very old "Do It Yourself" Tiny Half-Sized Ruled Planners. You will find them all at:

I redid the Kitchen Household Planner in the household section. It is much longer and contains new files. The Kitchen Household Planner is at:

--My Other Domain--

During February I added an archive of my old homeschool board. The topics covered there are things of interest to homeschoolers and include housekeeping topics.
The link to the forum archives, HSF Archives is at:

I also added our members' cookbook, HSF Cookbook. The cookbook contains over 600 recipes. It is linked at

--In Penmanship--

I added the Spacer Paper that I had made. It is a special ruled paper with blue lines and pink lined margins. The special part are the tiny tick marks that are there to remind a child to space his words. The spacer paper is at:

--In Apologia Science--

Today I finished the TOC Planners for the Young Explorer Series written by Jeannie K. Fulbright . A TOC Planner contains specially made pages for your lesson plans. In the case of these TOC Planners, each page lists the table of contents for each lesson as well as the supply list. Also on the page is a place for your notes and lists.
Home Page: https://donnayoung.org/apologia/elementary.htm
TOC Planners: https://donnayoung.org/apologia/elementary-planners.htm


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Happy Homeschooling,
Donna Young

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