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What is a TOC Planner? TOC stands for "table of contents." Many times or perhaps most or all of the time, I start with the table of contents when I am about to create lessons plans. The TOC Planners on this page have the table of contents listed for each chapter on its "Lesson" page. The parts of the planner are named after the chapters: "Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc."

planners for exploring creation withThe idea behind the TOC Planner is simple. Each lesson page has a place for lists and a place to make notes. You, the teacher, should read the chapter and make notes. Under "Lists" write items as you come across them in the text such as: Bible verse locations, bolded words, roots words, and so forth. If you run out of space, there is a "continued" page at the end of the file. Also, while the lesson is going on or after the lesson, you could make additional notes and check off the parts of the lesson that have been completed.

Spreading Out the Lesson— Be sure to read Jeannie Fulbright's comments that are in the front of the book under Lesson Increments. She suggests using two weeks per lesson by reading and completing the notebook assignments in the first week and in the second week, working on activities and projects. Be sure to read her comments under Lesson Increments.

Narration Questions—In my opinion, the one thing that should be noted on the planners are the locations of the narration questions. The questions are not in the lists provided on the planners nor are they in table of contents of the books. You should note them and possibly highlight them to make sure that you do not forget to ask the question at the right time.

printable filesTOC Planners for Apologia's Young Explorer Series

Exploring Creation with Astronomy: pdfPDF, docDOC
Exploring Creation with Botany: pdfPDF, docDOC
Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology: pdfPDF, docDOC
Exploring Creation with Zoology I : pdfPDF, docDOC
Exploring Creation with Zoology II: pdfPDF, docDOC
Exploring Creation with Zoology III: pdfPDF, docDOC

Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

This book has especially long supply lists and that is why I made two versions of this TOC Planner. You will find a 15-page file, a 30-page file, and a text file of the supply list.

  1. The 15-page file does not include the supplies listed for each lesson.
  2. The 30-page file lists the supplies and because that takes up so much room, each lesson has an extra ruled planning sheet. Because each lesson is a "2-page spread" in the 30-page file, I added a cover sheet. The purpose of the cover sheet is to cause the lessons to print as a 2-page spread if the file is printed with a 2-sided (back-to-back, duplex) setting.
  3. Finally - I should tell you that the last page of both files is the "Lesson ___ Continued" page.

-> TOC Planner without supply list - 15 pages pdfPDF, docDOC
-> TOC Planner with supply list and cover - 30 Pages pdfPDF, docDOC
-> Just the Supply List - A Text File -- Many items are listed numerous times because this is a list of supplies for each lesson, this is not a shopping list.

TOC Planner for Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

Donna Young,
Updated September 3, 2013

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