March - May 2008 Updates to

Manuscript Animations - Completed

These are animations of lower case manuscript letters.

The Grades and Attendance Site Reworked

Along with the site rework, a new Grades and Attendance file was added called 48.
The site:

What is Weighing Grades?

An information article was added at:
This article explains weighing grades in two areas:
1. Grade Weight in Parts of an Assignment or a Test
2. Overall Grade Weight

6-Day Planners

The 6-day planners are part of the Edwardian Planners.

High School

The high school section in homeschool planner adopted the transcript page and the gpa page. High school site starts at:

The GPA page has a new excel file to assist in calculating gpa.

Exploring Creation with General Science 2nd Edition

Dr. Wile has published a second edition of his general science curriculum for 7th graders. You can find a schedule for this book at:

Mother's Day or Rose Card

This is a greeting card that the children can make.

Sticker Book

This article explains how to make a sticker book that can be used as reward/encouragement system.

My daughter Holly, my last homeschooler, is graduating June 12. It's been a blessing and an honor for my husband and I to have been able to homeschool our children.


Happy Homeschooling,
Donna Young


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